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At Powerzone H2 Technologies Pte Ltd, we are able to deliver full and comprehensive service and support from start to end. You can be assured that your clean and green energy solutions will be professionally installed, monitored and maintained. Here are the list of service and support we provide:


Installation & Commissioning

We custom design our own solutions and hence we are able to ensure all installation and commissioning works are done professionally and properly.


Monitoring & Control Systems

We are able to set-up monitoring and control systems to ensure your systems are running well and to provide alerts and react to any issues that may happen.


Technical Support

Our team of technical expertise are always ready to provide technical support regionally.


Customer Training

We provide all necessary customised training support for you and your staff, so that you will be familiar and confident on how to operate your own systems well.


Disposal Service

We help you dispose of your old diesel generators properly, providing you an added level of convenience and assurance.

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