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Solar Panel System

Solar panel systems are a collection of photo-voltaic (PV) modules which uses sunlight as a source of energy to generate current electricity. This enables you to make good use of your rooftop spaces to generate green energy for your residential or business premises.

At Powerzone H2 technologies, we are able to help you to implement both Short-Term and Long-Term green energy for your needs. One of the ways we can do so is by designing and implementing a Solar-Hydrogen System for your home. Here is an example of how it works:


For Short-Term needs, during daytime, the sun charges the battery and provides enough solar power for the evening. 

A compact energy centre is designed and installed in your ultility room and this would comprise of:

  • Water treatment system and electrolyser for the hydrogen production

  • Fuel cell for converting the hydrogen back into electricity

  • Battery with a 20 kWh capacity for short-term storage

  • Inverter and solar charge controller for connecting to a photovoltaic system

  • Ventilation system with heat recovery for an improved indoor climate and heating relief

Hydrogen storage tanks are also installed outside your house and all components are controlled and monitored by our intelligent energy management system.

For Long-Term needs, due to prolonged lack of solar yield, our Solar-Hydrogen System utilises the stored energy from summer. The fuel cell will then generate electricity to compensate for the lack of solar radiation.


Hydrogen will now supply your home and charge the battery at the same time. Your home will continue to be supplied with 100% self-generated and CO₂-free electricity. 

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