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Stationary and Portable Power

Our proprietary air cooled fuel cells provide clean and efficient power for application across a range of stationary and portable power applications.


Our range of fuel cell products cater to customers where zero emission and quiet power are increasingly important, such as the construction, warehousing and materials handling sectors.

IE-Lift™ 801 - 804 Series

IE-Lift™ is a self-contained power solution with all requisite balance-of-plant components to produce zero-emission regulated DC power in a power-dense and convenient package. The compact unit can be deployed with a small battery to deliver power for a wide range of electricity needs to keep your critical applications working when you need them most. Immediately you will notice a significant reduction in noise emissions when you replace your existing diesel generator with an IE-Lift™. With near-silent operation the IE-Lift™ is an ideal power choice for applications in urban areas. Couple this with no harmful emissions and you have a solution for industries that are working to reduce their carbon footprint and, more importantly, improve the environment for communities in the vicinity of operation.

IE-Lift™ 801 1.2kW

Power Unit, PEM hydrogen fuel cell module (FCM) 48V/24V DC; 1.2kW/0.96kW

IE-Lift™ 802 2.5kW

Power Unit, PEM hydrogen fuel cell module (FCM) 48V/24V DC; 2.5kW/1.92kW

IE-Lift™ 804 4kW

Power Unit, PEM hydrogen fuel cell module (FCM) 48V/24V DC; 4kW/2.88kW

IE-Lift™ MHE Series

Running on hydrogen and oxygen from the air, the IE-Lift™ is designed to contain everything that the fuel cell needs to produce clean DC power. Single or multiple parallel connected IE-Lifts™ form the heart of a fuel cell replacement for an electric industrial battery tray or tank. This enables the operational advantages of fuel cell power (quick fuelling time vs long charging times or capital cost and time to swap batteries; constant power; etc) to benefit your application. 

Lower power 24V battery based applications will usually be met with a single module and higher power 36V and 48V battery based applications will often use multiple modules. Provided in a power-dense and easy to install package. Just add regulated storage, typically cylinders, with associated safety systems, hybrid electrical battery or supercapacitor, both sized for your application together with controls. A range of accessories is available to aid installation and integration into your application.

IE-Lift™ MHE
(for Material Handling Equipment)

Power Unit, PEM hydrogen
fuel cell module (FCM)
24, 36 or 48V DC; 1.2kW

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