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Stationary and Portable Power

IE-Lift™ MHE


Running on hydrogen and oxygen from the air, the IE-Lift™ is designed to contain everything that the fuel cell needs to
produce clean DC power. Single or multiple parallel connected IE-Lifts™ form the heart of a fuel cell replacement for an electric industrial battery tray or tank. This enables the operational advantages of fuel cell power (quick fuelling time vs long charging times or capital cost and time to swap batteries; constant power; etc) to benefit your application.

Lower power 24V battery based applications will usually be met with a single module and higher power 36V and 48V battery based applications will often use multiple modules. Provided in a power-dense and easy to install package. Just add regulated storage, typically cylinders, with associated safety systems, hybrid electrical battery or supercapacitor, both sized for your application together with controls. A range of accessories is available to aid installation and
integration into your application.

  • Zero harmful system emissions

  • No production of CO, CO₂ or NOₓ

  • Quiet operation

  • Compact and easy to install

  • Sized to fit into a 210mm MHE battery wide tank and above

  • Small footprint

  • Regulated output designed for hybridisation with a 24, 36 or 48V battery array or supercapacitor array

  • Can be configured for isolated, -ve or +ve earth/ground

  • High resilience to shock and vibration

  • Proven and reliable fuel cell system technology

  • Utilises Intelligent Energy’s air cooled fuel cell technology with robust metal fuel cell construction

  • Assured power availability

  • Modular, scalable system

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Applications
  • Industrial trucks

  • 24, 36 or 48V electric trucks

  • Order picker trucks

  • Tow tractors and tugs

  • Light duty fork lift trucks

  • Light duty counterbalance trucks

  • Light duty reach trucks

  • Light duty narrow aisle trucks

  • Heavy duty pedestrian pallet and stacker trucks

  • Class 3, 6, 2 & 1 materials handling equipment trucks

  • Vehicle auxillary power unit (APU)

  • Non-road vehicle propulsion

  • Indoor vehicles

  • Airport auxillary & sevice vehicles

  • Campus / estate auxillary & sevice vehicles

Key Product Specifications
Rated net power
1.2kW @ >24V
Rated current
50A max @ <24V, 25A @ 48V
Fuel type
Hydrogen gas
Fuel consumption
Less than 70g per kWh
Fuel composition
99.9% gaseous hydrogen gas or better
Start-up Time
Less than 20 seconds
~ 10kg
Max dimensions
196mm (W) × 294mm (H)11 × 294mm (D)
Operating ambient temperature range
-10°C to 40°C
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