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Battery Bank

H2 E-Pack 210

H2 E-Pack 210.png

The new H2 E-Pack 210™ will replace your diesel forklifts with hydrogen fuel cell power! It features a small footprint and low maintenance, it is eco-friendly and carbon neutral, and requires no charging time solution to the high cost of diesel forklifts. The H2 E-Pack 210™ also operates 24 hours a day, which makes it perfect for warehouses who want increased productivity without having to worry about downtime. Join the green energy revolution and make a wise choice for your business.

  • No battery charging & changing times

  • Zero harmful system emissions

  • Small footprint

  • Proven and reliable fuel cell system technology

  • Utilises air-cooled fuel cell technology with robust metal fuel cell construction

  • Assured power availability

  • Modular, scalable system

  • Fast refueling with hydrogen

  • Long lifetime

  • Low maintenance

  • No cyclic power loss

  • Space-saving, no extra space needed for battery charging

  • Ability to operate 24 hours in a day

  • Tractor

  • Platform Trucks

  • Low Lift Trucks

  • High Lift Trucks

  • Order Pickers

  • Automated Guided Vehicles

Key Product Specifications
Operating ambient temperature range
5°C to 35°C
Rated net power
1.2 kW (3.2 kW peak)
Rated current
80 A @ 24 V
Fuel type
Hydrogen gas
Fuel consumption
less than 70 g per kWh
Fuel composition
99.9% gaseous hydrogen gas or better
Start-up time
Less than 10 seconds
270 kg
Max dimensions
210 mm (W) x 622 mm (H) x 790 mm (L)
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