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After two years hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Shell Eco-marathon Asia is finally back with physical track competition for the 2022 edition. This year’s event was held in Lombok, Indonesia, and it attracted teams from across Asia Pacific and the Middle East to participate in various categories of eco-friendly, low-carbon energy solutions.

Powerzone H2 Technologies had the rare opportunity to partner Temasek Polytechnic (TP) for the “Urban Concept Hydrogen Fuel Cell” segment. Team Eco Flash from TP was crowned champion and took top honours with their vehicle completing 137km per m3 of hydrogen fuel – a remarkable achievement, given that the distance covered was almost 40% further than their closest competitor!

Powerzone H2 Technologies has been collaborating closely with TP on Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) technologies over the past year and is delighted with the success that the team has achieved with their HFC technologies. Congratulations to the TP team and Powerzone H2 looks forward to a closer partnership in the coming Shell Eco-marathon events.


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